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WunderWrap - Cohesive Bandage - Box of 12 (DISCONTINUED)

WunderWrap - Cohesive Bandage - Box of 12 (DISCONTINUED)

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Wraps just became efficient! 

Introducing the WunderWrap!

This cohesive bandage has been made with less latex, making it more breathable than comparable products.  Breathability is a major aid in healing foot lesions.

2 pieces of breathable (non cling) gauze, have been placed at the start of the roll and at the middle of the roll.  Eliminate grabbing, cotton, gauze, or paper towels! Everything is already there at your fingertips! (Literally)  

The center hole measures 1.25" in diameter, making it easy to slip onto your finger without taking your work glove off. (Incase you master or have mastered, the wrap finger twirly motion!)

There is a black line across the wrap, making it easily visible to see the start of the roll.  

The wraps are packaged into boxes of 12, making it easy to grab what you need!

All of the bandages are GREEN! 

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