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WunderEcoWrap - 10 Pack

WunderEcoWrap - 10 Pack

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WunderEcoWrap has been designed for many reasons! Efficiency and FARMER/COW FRIENDLY, are the main reasons behind this product!

This bandage is our #1 go to for warts (DD). 

WunderEcoWrap is made from breathable, non restricting, durable yet degradable material.  Each wrap has a gauze pad built into them to place your treatment on.  The majority of this wrap will wear off, and all that will remain is a small band of velcro, which does not hinder or hurt the cow, and can be very easily removed at a convenient time.  The cloth section of the bandage wears off in 1-3 days, which means that there is not a soggy wrap on the foot for any extended length of time, and WunderEcoWrap when applied on a DD lesion, is on for a perfect amount of time!

Heifers, dry cows, front feet, and herds that have a hard time getting all of the bandages off, are all perfect uses for this wrap. 

WunderEcoWrap is sold in packs of 10.  The packs are held together with a rubber band for easy handling. 


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