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Hoof Knife Sharpener - (Attachment Only + Buffing Wheel)

Hoof Knife Sharpener - (Attachment Only + Buffing Wheel)

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This hoof knife sharpener attachment is to be mounted onto a bench grinder. (You will need to remove the guards and all hardware that is mounted on the arbors.)

NOTE: This kit originates in the UK, this means that some sizes are different (such as mounting holes or arbors... you may need to drill out some of the pieces so they fit onto our US bench grinders, depending on what you have or what you get.  This is ok...

This kit contains everything you need to make your hoof knives razor sharp and easily!


When mounting the sanding belt piece of the kit, mount it so that the belt is parallel to the ground when running.  Also mount the attachments, so that they spin away from you...

Always use safety when operating by using gloves and safety glasses.  Be carful when sharpening near the hook, not to catch your hook in the buffing wheel... it will throw it.

See picture for an example of the complete set up. 

We recommend using a larger bench grinder.  (We use a Delta 8" variable speed, which does require some minimal drilling)

Kit Contains:

1 - Galvanized mounting plate and cover

1 - 8" buffing wheel

1 - Tension spring

1 - Small (front) belt guide wheel

1 - Large (rear) belt guide wheel

2 - Sanding Belts

Extra sanding belts or buffing wheels can be purchased separately.

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