Local Fresh Pork - Preorder

Local Fresh Pork - Preorder

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This summer here at WunderView Farms, we decided to raise some hogs to sell!

We started this project by purchasing the hogs as bacon seedlings.  From there they have been fed a steady diet from a local feed mill. The diet consists of soy/corn meal with the proper minerals to keep the hogs healthy and growing! 


In the drop down menu you will see 2 options: 1/2 Hogand Full Hog.  

You will also be able to pick a scheduled date in the menu.  This will be the approximate date you will receive your hog.

1/2 Hog:   This consists of chops, roasts, 1 ham sliced, 1 side of bacon (sliced), 1 rack of ribs, and sausage (1lb packages). 

Whole Hog: This consists of chops, roasts, 2 hams(one whole, one sliced) 2 sides of bacons (sliced), 2 racks of ribs, and sausage (1lb packages). 

Processing will be done by a USDA butcher, Sylversters Meats in Westfield, PA. All meat will be labeled.   

The price you will pay for the “1/2 Hog” or the “Whole Hog” will include:

Transportation to the butcher, the cost of butchering, all the meat, and delivery to your freezer! ITS THAT EASY! 

FRESH, LOCAL, and QUALITY pork to your freezer just making a few clicks.  

NOTE: Delivery is included in the price within 50 miles of Tioga, PA.  If you want to purchase and you are located more than 50 miles from Tioga PA, you must pick up at Sylvester’s Meats in Westfield, PA or pre arrange delivery for an extra cost.