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WunderBlock - Hard - Slow Wearing (Box of 100)

WunderBlock - Hard - Slow Wearing (Box of 100)

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This is the second version of the "WunderBlock"!

While keeping the "WunderBlock - Soft - Fast Wearing" block we also have had the needs and requests to have a harder and slower wearing block... 

These blocks have been tested, and after 1 month, "WunderBlock" is still able to be read on the plastic.  

This harder block is ideal for high wear herds, or cows that need just a little extra time to heal.

The WunderBlock measures: 5" long, 2-3/16 wide, 3/4" thick.

The block is half wood, and half plastic!

There are grooves set at diagonals for maximum retention strength, and a center hole for an anchor point for the glue, and packaging.  

No more glue on plastic, that won't stick but at the same time, still allowing the animal can still walk with traction.

The wood provides a porous surface for the glue to have maximum retention rates! 

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